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Batgirl Cosplay Photostory Ch100 The present

So here I am, held captive by my nemesis. I recognize her. The young woman who idolized me is now one of the eastern seaboard’s most powerful crime lord.  She seeks vengeance for what I’ve done to her family in the name of justice. The irony is, I can’t remember her name.

I look around, well trying to. My vision is a bit blurry. Have I been drugged? Probably, to make sure I’m in no state to cause any trouble and believe me, I’m not. My wrists are on fire and I can barely feel my legs. I should have come out in flats rather than these damn killer stilettos. Then again, I didn’t expect to be captured. My utility bely, cowl, gauntlets and cape are laid out across a table in the corner of the room. They never learn, don’t they? It’s a matter of time, before I cut myself loose and they will realize they should have locked my gear away.

There are four armed guards standing behind her. She sits and stares at me as if I’m some big game trophy. Perhaps I am…

Batgirl Cosplay Photostory Ch99 Full Circle

So, we are back to the beginning of the story. Against a friend’s advice, my better judgment and not being 100 per cent, I went down to the Gotham waterfront on that fateful night. I destroyed a very large shipment of narcotics but was soon hunted down and captured by a couple meta humans, hired by a woman who wanted revenge. I am sure you can guess what the next scene looks like…is this the end of the road for Batgirl?

Batgirl Cosplay Photostory Ch98 Stubborn
Well, I’m not very good at taking advice. I took a few painkillers, found a spare cowl and put my costume back on the following night. I had information on a huge arms shipment arriving at Gotham. I had to get back out there, even if it was a trap...
I might cosplay this one day.
The new photo story is about to begin. From tomorrow, I will post one photo a week and you are invited to come up with the storyline that goes with the photo between then and Sunday evening (West Coast Pacific Time, which is Monday for me on the east coast of Australia). I will pick the most suitable one to use. I hope there is going to be a few to choose from and once again, nothing smutty please.

The premise is Batgirl is the lone costumed crime fighter in Gotham. Batman, Robin and Nightwing had not been seen for a number of years. With Gotham becoming desolate, this Batgirl is edgy, battle worn and maybe a little tired...
DSC 4104a by ozbattlechick


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Batman fan, cosplayer, gamer, comic book fanatic, fan girl and geek...

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