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Batgirl Cosplay Photostory Ch 96 Rescue

“My my, how the mighty has fallen. It looks like Batgirl is going to need my help. Let’s get you out of here.”

The Huntress freed me. 

"What did those guys do to you? Are you hurt?" she said.

I was in no condition to answer and I had no idea what happened next. I vaguely remembered getting into a van…

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone. I'm taking a break and will be back in the New Year with more photos :)
Batgirl Cosplay Photostory Ch95 Exposed

I was woken up by the cool breeze on my face and through my hair. I felt the pain on my wrists and ankles. I heard the sound of helicopters above me. I opened my eyes and was blinded by bright lights. I heard a man’s voice talking through a loud speaker, “This is the Gotham City Police. Please keep away from this area. This rooftop is a crime scene.”

There were heavy duty chains around my wrists and my ankles. I couldn’t break free and I didn’t have my mask on….

*What will happen next? I’m going to leave you with the cliffhanger until the New Year. Happy holidays everyone!

Batgirl Cosplay Photostory Ch94 Betrayal

I had a lead on a meeting between two of Gotham’s most notorious crime lords from who I thought was a reliable source at GCPD. My father spoke very highly of her when he was Commissioner.  I had to find out what the were meeting was about despite carrying a few injuries from falling through a roof the night before. I slipped into an unoccupied office next door to where the meeting was held. It was a trap. My lead betrayed me. 

There were 12 of them waiting for me. One of them shot me. The kevlar in my costume stopped the bullet but the injuries from the night before slowed me down and before I could use any of my weapons from the utility belt, they overwhelmed me. I struggled against the fists and the boots for a while. I was greeted by blackness and silence.

I might cosplay this one day.
The new photo story is about to begin. From tomorrow, I will post one photo a week and you are invited to come up with the storyline that goes with the photo between then and Sunday evening (West Coast Pacific Time, which is Monday for me on the east coast of Australia). I will pick the most suitable one to use. I hope there is going to be a few to choose from and once again, nothing smutty please.

The premise is Batgirl is the lone costumed crime fighter in Gotham. Batman, Robin and Nightwing had not been seen for a number of years. With Gotham becoming desolate, this Batgirl is edgy, battle worn and maybe a little tired...
DSC 4104a by ozbattlechick


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Batman fan, cosplayer, gamer, comic book fanatic, fan girl and geek...

I have more cosplay photos on my Facebook page....…

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